A Discovery of Witches: Series 2

Multiple Episodes

Adding both CG and 2D elements to live action plates including: an egg floating with chick gestation, Cora the Firedrake, and Diana's shimmer effect.  I also produced the particle effects for Diana's eyes in Particle Illusion.

Ridley Road

Multiple Episodes

Adding both CG and 2D elements to live action plates including: adding period lamp posts, blocks of flats, windows and cranes.  Removing modern days items from plates.  Creating a multilayer DMP of dilapidated buildings and projecting them back into 3D space.

War of the Worlds - Fox

2 Episodes

Cleanup: removing people from shot to make it look desolate.

Outlander: Series 5

2 Episodes

Wig line cleanup and adding gore.

The Singapore Grip

1 Episode

Compositing live action plates with CG elements.

Hanna: Series 2

2 Episodes

Rebuilding of a man's  neck and shoulder, to remove a woman standing in front of him.

Split screen retiming of women talking whilst watching a wrestling match.

Horrible Histories:
Rotten Romans

2019 Film

Composited CG opening titles sequence.  Fixed CG render errors,  and made 2D live action rocks and debris to look like 3D animation.

Troy: Fall of a City

3 Episdoes

Making a dummy covered in sand and dry fake blood, look like a real person, with wet blood. Making wooden swords look metal, retiming footage and creating a new flickering flame background.  Lots of rig removal and general cleanup.

Living in Fear


Removing blood flow tubes, and making black shiny duct tape look like material.

Black Mirror: Season 4

"Hang the DJ" & "Black Museum"

Lots of screen inserts.  Green screen comps, removing cars, and freeways by creating matte paintings. Making modern day buildings look decayed.

Outlander: Series 3

3 Episodes

Adding lots of blood and gore, including adding blood onto a flexing muscle arm.  Adding a carved symbol to rock using a 2D image and some projections.

Outlander: Series 2

1 Episode

Crowd replications, and tents.

Rolling Stones: Ole, Ole, Ole!

2016 Documentary Film

Opening sequence stitch of handheld and drone footage.  Removing people and objects from shot, and adding a new sky.  Removed text from prompt screens, whilst retaining interacting lighting and lensflares.

Henrietta Bulkwoski

2016 Short Film

Removing seam joins and puppet rigs from stop motion. Compositing backgrounds, stitching shots together, removing light flicker from stop motion frames.

No Offence: Series 1

2 Episodes

Tricky screen inserts, and rig/wire removals.

Yonderland: Series 2

"Up all the workers"

Removing rigs and wires from puppets and set.


2016 Film

Removing items from shot, and replacing branding on buildings.

47 Ronin

2013 Film

Comping CGI elements into live action plates, and removing elements to this stereo project.​ I was also responsible to setting up Ocula scripts and training all the 2D staff how to use Ocula 3.

Total Recall

2012 Film

Worked on the subway sequence, removing greenscreens and adding new backgrounds.

Doctor Who Christmas 2011

The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe

Comping CGI environments with live action plates.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part Two

2011 Film

Comping CGI environments with live action plates. Comping greenscreen set extensions, and background wand fights.

Credit Confidential Advert

Identity Theft

Taking 2D painted images and compositing them onto time-lapse photographs, making to appear to have been painted onto buildings.

The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader

2010 Film

Comping CGI environments, and water  plates.  Adding lightening effects.

Prince of Persia

2010 Film

Mainly rig removals, and rotoscoping

Gemini Division

8 Episodes

Compositing backgrounds, and prep-work

Easy Virtue

2008 Film

Clean-up and rotoscoping

Primeval: Series 2

8 Episodes

Paint and Rotoscoping.

The Chronicles of Narnia:
Prince Caspian

2008 Film

Paint and Rotoscoping.


2004 Film

Rotoscoping work experience.


2020 Lockdown Film

Rig removal from woman being pulled up and over a swimming pool.  Wire removals from cupboards. Flour footprints reveal walking across a floor.

The Watch: Series 1

2 Multiple Episodes

Adding both CG and 2D elements to live action plates, including: Dragons, bells in the ceiling, and flames to a burning book.  Creating particles in Particle Illusion to create extra effects for Wayne the Sword.

The War of the Worlds - BBC

1 Episode

Compositing live action plates with both CG and 2D elements including: flames, smoke, explosions, craters, DMPs and metros.  Also disintegrated people and did general rotoscoping and cleanup.

The Letter for the King: Series 1

1 Episode

Compositing live action plates with DMPs.

The Courier

2019 Film

Wire cleanup and head smash creation.

Jax Jones: Play

Music Video

Cleanup work:  joining two conveyor belts to look like one, restoring changing lightening and lens flares.

Removing dirty floors and walls and production equipment.

Shakira in concert: El Dorado World Tour

2019 Film

Removed camera rigs/cranes and cameraman, and added glowing  wristbands and filled empty seats and floorspace with people.

Stan and Ollie

2018 Film

Removing modern day vehicles, street signs and road markings. Removing multiple reflections from windows of cameras, crew and modern day items.


2018 Film

Removing satellite dishes, security cameras, broadband boxes and modern day extractor fans.  Adding extra trees to remove blue screen, gazebos and crew.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

2017 Film

Added CG star field, windows, dirt, and holograms.  Lots of find details hair keys and removing spill from blue and green screen sets.  Added interactive hologram lighting.

Black Mirror: Series 3

"Hated in the Nation"

Compositing CGI bees with live action plates.

Dawn of the Deaf

2016 Short Film

Added lots of fake blood to actors and the ground of an underpass using projections.

Emeli Sunde: Hurts

Music Video

Cleanup: removed people, footprints on a beach, ships, and a logo from a drum, and anything else to make it look like an isolated environment.  Also some beauty work was carried out.

Dad's Army

2016 Film

Compositing a large bull from one field into another, after retiming and stabilizing.  I was also required to castrate the bull and stop it urinating!

From Darkness: Series 1

1 Episode

Changing numbers plates, removing crew and making places look more remote.

New Tricks: Series 12

"The Last And Starting Pt 2"

Turing a London street into a New York one.

Foyle's War: Series 7

"The Eternity Ring" & "The Cage"

Greenscreen compositing, adding telephone wires to poles, compositing CGI into live action plates.  Removing modern day items, and rig removals.


2012 Film

Rig and wire removals.

I also supervised junior staff, created LUTS, and tech-checked shots.

Snow White and the Huntsman

2012 Film

Comping frozen breath, using particle simulation.  Leading a team of four.

Compare the Market Adverts

"Plane" & "Supermarket"

Comping CGI creature into live action

plates. Rig removals and cleanup.

Johnny English Reborn

2011 Film

Screen inserts and rig removals.

Doctor Who Christmas 2010

A Christmas Carol

Set extensions, comping CGI into live plates and rig removals.

St Trinian's: The Legend of Fritton's Gold

2009 Film

Comping backgrounds, adding spit, changing afternoon to early morning.

Ghost Machine

2009 Film

Compositing backgrounds, and prep-work

Soloman Kane

2009 Film

Compositing backgrounds, and prep-work.

The Dark Knight

2008 Film

Paint and Rotoscoping: removing half of Harvey Dent's face in preparation for CGI face.

Quantum of Solace

2008 Film

Paint and Rotoscoping.

Heroes and Villains

"Lionheart", "Napoleon" & "Shogun"

Compositing set extensions, crowd replications, objects and rotoscoping.